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Thanks for making 2011 a record year for Modern Charlotte Realty. However for me it isn’t all about sale volume, but more about the relationships and experiences that we have shared. I wanted to take some time to reflect on all the great things that have happened and people I’ve met! Here are some favorites, bests and highlights of the past year.

Modern Cabins

Are you dreaming of escaping off into the fall colors, surrounded by nothing but nature or the sound of bubbling brook?  Are you thinking of buying a little piece of land nestled in the mountains and building a private little modern getaway?  Modern cabins are starting to pop up all around us.  Here are just a few that I ran across – WOW. READ MORE… 


The Galindo Family

My relationship with Lowell and Kristen began in 2008 when they relocated to Charlotte from DC. They wanted an “Atomic Ranch” and we searched high and low in the Madison Park area. We found a great house close to Southpark. They completely gutted the home and did a tremendous job making it into a modernist statement. The home was featured in the 2009 Modern Home Tour.

Two children later, they needed a larger home. Their home flew off the market and I found them a home in Stonehaven which they also updated. Lowell got an offer for his dream job that would relocate them to Austin. They hated to leave what they called “their forever home” but the offer to be the sportscaster for the Longhorn Channel was just too good.

Kristin and Lowell were not only fun to work with but also have a wonderful modernist aesthetic.  It has been such a pleasure working with them and getting to know them! I will miss them and their beautiful children!  READ MORE…


7101 Terrace Drive

My clients had an unexpected job relocation and only had a few weeks to get the house on the market. I agreed to work with their relocation company and submitted my Comparable Market Research report to them with my listing price. They felt it was too high and sent out 2 other real estate agents to price the home. Those agents also priced the home for less than my clients paid for the home in 2010!!

My clients chose to forego the relocation package and went solely with Modern Charlotte Realty. I am happy to say that I saved my sellers over $50,000 and we went under contract within the 90 day period the relocation company wanted. (We sold the home for 96% of the list price) As a result, my seller’s employer did pay the commission costs and closing costs.

The lesson to be learned is always go with an agent that knows the comps, the neighborhood , and the type of home. Just goes to show you that no one knows the modern market like Modern Charlotte Realty! READ MORE…

Also, See how Modern Charlotte can help sell YOUR home! 


726 Hempstead Place Saved From the Wrecking Ball

“We’ve lost a lot of good [Mid-Century Modern homes] to the wrecking ball, unfortunately,” Jodon said.
One of Charlotte’s historic homes has been saved from the wrecking ball after modernist style enthusiasts made a push to find new inhabitants for the house south of uptown. READ MORE…


Modern Home Tour

As the chair for this event, I had a busy year helping line up homes for Historic Charlotte’s second Modern Home Tour! The 2011 tour was a huge success and had a line-up that beat out the previous years. We featured 8 mid-century modern homes as well as a few new construction modernist homes, creative renovations and classic atomic ranches! READ MORE…



TIE: Nancy Creek & Columbine
When it comes to my personal taste and style it undoubtedly came down to 3306 Nancy Creek and 3847 Columbine Circle. I love all the homes I list for sale but these 2 homes were my favorites for 2011. They both exemplify thoughtful modernist design with an emphasis on seamless connections to nature.



William Crutcher Ross, AIA (1930-2011)

I got to know Crutcher back in 2009 during Charlotte’s first Modern Home Tour. One of the homes featured was my listing on 3847 Columbine Circle which Crutcher designed. He pulled up in the driveway in his vintage BMW one day as we were preparing for the tour and introduced himself! Crutcher had a swell time on the tour and visiting some of his other designs. It was great to see him at the tour reception where he met some of the new owners of his designs.

My client that purchased the home on Columbine was introduced to Crutcher and they went over the original house plans. We were all so happy that Crutcher had a chance to be apart of that process.

I introduced Crutcher to George Smart of Triangle Modernist Houses back in 2009. George and Crutcher became fast friends and Crutcher’s body of work is now archived on George’s site TriangleModernistHouses.com .

Sadly, Crutcher passed away this past summer but happy to say that his legacy lives on in Charlotte and his homes are in the hands of owners that met him and will insure responsible ownership! READ MORE…

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