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crutcherNot only do I love Crutcher’s designs, but I was very fortunate to get to know Crutcher back in 2009 when I chaired Charlotte’s first modernist home tour. Crutcher was a classy guy who always wore his suit coat and toodled around town in his vintage BMW. He was thrilled to learn that two of his homes were on the tour, so he set out to meet the new owners and was so thrilled to meet them and revisit his homes ! He was invited to the tour’s reception at DWR and was amazed at the outpouring of support and love for modernist designs. I always enjoyed his company and have been lucky enough to sell three of his designs, most recently the Gordon Schenck house on Glenkirk. My newest listing at 3514 Mill Pond Rd was also one of his designs so what better time to revisit some of these outstanding propertiesColumbine-exterior-1-Web_1 columbinedenTruly one of my favorite homes in Charlotte known as the Miller house. The home was designed for the Miller family, founder of Miller Tile. This home is designed around an interior courtyard with views from every room via glass walkways. Crutcher not only got to meet the owner who lived there in 2009, but met with the new owners who purchased it in 2010. For more pictures CLICK HERE

Glenkirk front door Ross Schenck 1The Gordon Schenck house is partially built over a creek. Crutcher had an obvious love of nature and was genius at incorporating natural elements into his designs. The black and white photo was taken by Gordon Schenck and the color photo was taken in 2014 . The home sold in a week with multiple offers. Mrs. Schenck remembered Crutcher well and not only enjoyed working with him on the design but became fast friends. For more pictures of the Schenck home CLICK HERE

Bruns houseTrenton Pl LRAnother of Crutcher’s designs that was featured in the 2009 Modern Home Tour is the Bruns house. It also is built around a center atrium with views from the glass walkways and dining room. Mr Bruns has done a great restoration leaving all the original details intact. He did add a fabulous modernist pool and sculpture garden. Happy to say I have been to more than a few fun gatherings here! Crutcher would smile to see how much we enjoy his designs today and into the future !

Ross Sharon Hills Rd 2  I leave you with Crutcher’s home located in Sharon Hills area of Charlotte. It still stands but the lower level has been added on to, thus changing the original footprint. Truly an image that illustrates Crutcher as a true modernist architect who added so much to Charlotte’s architectural landscape.

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