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Are you dreaming of escaping off into the fall colors, surrounded by nothing but nature or the sound of bubbling brook?  Are you thinking of buying a little piece of land nestled in the mountains and building a private little modern getaway?  Modern cabins are starting to pop up all around us.  Here are just a few that I ran across – WOW.

Let’s start with the Hill House by David Coleman Architecture.

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Hill House

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Hill House

The Hill House is composed of a 20′ wide x 115′ long stepped platform, a shelter formed by the roof and east wall, and several gabion stone walls. It is sited on a long, narrow, rocky hillside, sloping gently to the south and steeply to the east and west. The building reads and lives like a habitable landscape, adapting to the changing seasons and needs of its occupants. Sustainable materials, technologies and techniques are used throughout. Recycled steel, sustainably harvested wood, BIBS insulation in oversized wall and ceiling cavities, on-demand hot water, low-flow fixtures and convection heat are just a few of the strategies employed. In short, this is a modest, sustainable building with a big presence in a big landscape.


Hardanger Retreat: Modern Fjord Cabin

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Hardanger Retreat - Modern Fjord Cabin

This tiny wooden retreat (only 20 sq. meters) is nestled at the end of a forest, overlooking Norway’s breathtaking Hardanger Fjord. The structure sits on a hovering wooden platform with large glazed openings on all sides, bringing the outside in.


Broadford Farm Pavilion: Open Up

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Broadform Pavilion

This beautiful outdoor pavilion is simply perfect for lazy afternoons catching a light breeze. Located in Broadford Farm in Sun Valley, Idaho, the structure is positioned in a natural clearing along the Big Wood River. It’s inspired by local farm buildings, featuring a simple mix of materials combined with a modern take on the traditional pole barn structure.



Prefab Cabin For The Permanent Camper

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Reclaimed Space - sustainable prefab

If this unique piece of architecture doesn’t stop you right there, then I don’t know what will. It’s actually a small 3 x 3m prefab retreat, hidden inside a copper clad tower, offering panoramic views to the horizon. Featuring a rusty cube-like design with basically simple amenities, this house is referenced as ‘Permanent Camping’.


Prefab Cabins: Outlook V Houses

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Reclaimed Space - sustainable prefab

Located in Yelapa, Mexico, these beautiful ‘outlook’ structures are self-contained, prefabricated rental units, which are delivered by boat and carried up the hill. They are spaced apart for privacy, and connected by walkways, stairs and railings, where each room has a spectacular view of the surrounding – an exceptional experience living above the jungle.




Minimalist, Modern Cabin

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Minimalist Modern Cabin

Architect Stephen Atkinson has designed the minimalist Williams Cabin, which sits in Durango, Colorado. It’s a nice modern take on the traditional outdoors hideaway.


Definitive Flat Pack Cabins from Form & Forest

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Form and Forest1

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Form and Forest


You’ve settled on your perfect piece of wilderness.  Now it’s time to settle on the perfect cabin, The Settler.  With an extra bedroom it is perfect for those who’ve settled down a bit and need room for a child for instance, or anybody else for that matter.  Not feeling so social?  The private decks off the bedrooms are a perfect escape.  Feeling conversational?  Head to the main kitchen, living and dining area.  The Settler 992 Square feet on one level.


Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Form and Forest

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Form and Forest


The time has come for you to dock your canoe and portage your way to this perfect cabin getaway. A modern cabin getaway complete with three bedrooms and Form & Forest’s signature floor to ceiling walls of glass and wrap around decks. Perfect for entertaining, story telling and sitting back and admiring the lakes and waterways you once traveled in search of resources and reward. Three Bedrooms. 1118 Square Feet.


Well, what if you find a great cabin and decide it needs a modern facelift?  Modern Charlotte can help you find just the person to transform your little getaway.  Check out this amazing cabin renovation by local architect Peter Tart.

Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Peter Tart


Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Peter Tart


Modern Charlotte - Modern Cabin - Peter Tart

“Vacation home renovation / addition, Brevard, North Carolina. This remodel of a 1970’s ranch with previously low ceilings and dark, confined interiors will now encourage a more harmonious living experience with the heavily wooded site in this Audubon Neighborhood – where no neighboring structures are visible from the home. A new butterfly roof not only expands the glass area in the public spaces, and diminish the spatial separation between inside and outside, but also provides a more welcoming arrival experience from the main approach. The large deck at the rear of the property is an extension of a side, grade level seating area and will serve as a casual destination from the living area, kitchen and master suite. This arrangement of circulation possibilities also provides a pathway to the site’s small observatory and telescope.


By removing or relocating interior walls, and adding windows at strategic locations the owners now enjoy abundant natural light and extended vistas that re-engage them with the delightful mountain setting.”


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