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I’ve been very privileged to be invited inside many Mid Century Modern homes in the Charlotte area, usually when working with homeowners who want to sell their homes. And I’ve discovered that even though some of these homes are architecturally Modern in style, their decor is often at odds with their Modern design. Sometimes it’s because the Modernism-loving half of a couple picked the home, but their partner or spouse is, say, a Shabby Chic lover, so the decor is a compromise between their two styles. And often the mixture of styles works, decor-wise.

But then there are times when I see homes where the homeowner’s decor is 100% at odds with the architectural style of the house and works against the style of the house, creating a confusing visual clash that obscures the style and features of the home. It’s as if the homeowners were either completely oblivious to the home’s style, or hated it so much they wanted to hide it.

DoAnd while it’s nobody’s business if your Japanese Zen-style home is furnished with Roccoco settees and Louis XIV tapestries, when you’re trying to sell your home this decor ain’t gonna help you (as grandma would say). It’s almost certain that it will hurt you by making it harder for buyers to visualize themselves in your home, and that will decrease their chances of making an offer.

Staging with furnishings in harmony with your home’s style will put the focus back on your home and not leave it to chance that a Roccoco-hating buyer won’t be distracted by your settees and overlook your beautiful shoji screens and built-in planters. If you want to sell quickly and for the best price, play up your home’s architecture with harmonious decor. For more on this subject, check out this great article from The Washington Post via The Charlotte Observer, “Reasons to Know Your Home’s Architectural Style”. CLICK HERE for the article.




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