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Charlotte is gorgeous in Spring! An extravaganza of colors and fragrances that is a treat to the senses…though it may bring on a sneezing attack. I grabbed my camera last week to capture some images of my neighborhood, Sherwood Forest.

I think every home in Sherwood Forest was built in 1956, with a few exceptions. If you like 1950’s brick ranch homes- you have come to the right place! SF has retro ranch homes of every variety, including some awesome mid-century moderns. Throw in some tri-level homes and you have pretty much covered the type of home in this “hood”. A few years ago, the home flippers were going wild in SF, and these entrepreneurs did some “interesting” interpretations of the 50’s ranch. If you wonder how an Arts and Crafts style porch ended up on a 50’s ranch..well now you know. The vast majority of homes are in splendid original condition with some cool Atomic Ranch makeovers!

Did you know that Sherwood Forest is divided into two school districts? It is primarily zoned for Myers Park High School but the southeastern sections are zoned for East Mecklenburg High School. I am happy to report that the McClintoch Middle School is getting a new school. The East Meck schools have been a bit neglected and this new facility is a great upgrade!
SF is a large neighborhood with lots of hills and McMullen Creek running through it. It is a great walking neighborhood and as of late, road bikes have been using the neighborhood as a bike course. It is a great neighborhood for kids and one of the few places I see kids playing in the yards. At the “park” located on Addison Rd, there is a large public open field that kids use for impromptu soccer matches. Great for a game of fetch with Fido, too.

SF is a diverse neighborhood! There are still many original owners that have lived here since the 1950’s. Young couples have started buying in Sherwood Forest, leaving their smaller urban homes in search for a larger home with a yard. It is common to see young Mom’s out walking in groups in the mornings with their strollers. Empty nesters and the LGBT community also call Sherwood Forest home.

There are currently 13 homes for sale in Sherwood Forest with prices ranging from $180K to $350K. There are some tremendous values with some prices at 2002 levels. Sherwood Forest is centrally located, walking/biking distance to the Cotswold Mall, minutes to Southpark and easy commute to Uptown Charlotte.

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