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Our third and final blog post about our latest road trip focuses on the Tonic Design home in Raleigh, NC. I mentioned this home in the first part of this series on my blog.

While looking for a lunch spot in Raleigh we stumbled on this new construction modernist gem that the owners invited us in to have a look. Boy, people in Raleigh sure are friendly. This home was designed and built by Tonic. The Jonathan and Ilsy Chappell Residence is a beautiful and great example of the kind of work that Tonic does. Here is an inside look of this home. Enjoy!

The couple had recently moved in, so Ilsy was trying to do some last minute arranging.

The suspended ceiling light fixture was actually from the mind of Ilsy, who saw something similar when she was in Las Vegas.

Loving her closet. Who wouldn’t love all that closet space??

A big “Thank You” to Jonathan and Ilsy for letting me into their home to satisfy my modernist appetite. I hope you enjoyed this home as much as I did! What was your favorite aspect? Be sure to post which one was your favorite on Facebook, mention it on Twitter, or share it on Google+!

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