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Time for a road trip to find some Mid-Century Modern homes! I love driving around discovering mod gems from the atomic era. This time we went to Raleigh to George Smart’s (Triangle Modernist Houses) annual Holiday Bash! Mark and I went for the weekend and had time to learn more about Raleigh!

Did you know that the Raleigh Triangle area has the third largest concentration of modernist homes in the country? According to George’s research, Raleigh is indeed third with L.A and Chicago being first and second. Who knew? No one until George illuminated this fact for us. Thanks George!

First off, while looking for a lunch spot we stumbled on this new construction modernist gem that the owners invited us in to have a look. Boy, people in Raleigh sure are friendly. This home was designed and built by Tonic Design. Check out our upcoming blog about Tonic and interior shots of this homes.

From there we explored North Hills and the adjacent Carolina Country Club area inside the 440 loop of Raleigh. Enjoy!


No road trip is complete without a unique find! Here is a fun combination of a lamp post and mail box in one!

I hope you enjoyed these homes as much as I did! Did you have a favorite? It’s hard not to with all of these great homes. Be sure to post which one was your favorite on Facebook, mention it on Twitter, or share it on Google+!

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