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I have known, like many of my readers, that modern homes are on the rise. Here are some key and overly enticing reasons as to why. But first I wanted to reach out to my friends and fans to see why THEY thought modern homes are on the rise.

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Here are some of their reactions:

Tarun Tejpal said,
“Deleveraging: the culture of being in debt until you die is over. People cannot afford to buy huge houses and fill up each room with useless stuff. In addition, you get more for your money from older homes that are built better and stronger. The last 10 years builders were mass producing homes with cheaper materials and labor with lower quality.”

Shannon Raffetto DiPadova said,
“Out with McMansions with loads of wasted space and in with timeless, well thought out and functional design.”

Brian Hook said,
“Two words: Mad Men”

Indu Vaidyanathan said,
“Time to go back to basics! learn from the past! clean….simple, functional and efficient!”

Stephanie Taylor said,
“let’s see…. it is the rare breed with all the shoeboxes across the land… the creative types who appreciate true design desire these homes the most!”

Gregory Frisbee said,
“One word: sustainable.”

Sue Ann Davis said,
“I love my mid century!”


As Tarun said above, our modern day culture does not want to have a mortgage for the rest of their lives. People are looking to purchase smaller houses, but with a smaller house you still need an open feel. (Even rich celebrities are picking up on this! Check Tori Spellings new home) This is where modern homes come in. Gregory is also right when stating “sustainability.” There are a lot of homes out there that are being wiped out to build (as Shannon said) McMansions. In the long run it is more lucrative to purchase a MCM home and put in a few key renovations for upkeep.

Our generation is full of creative individuals. They are looking for clean, simple, functional and efficient (As Indu said). This is where the open floor plan of a modern home is invaluable. An open floor plan leaves more room for light, a good flow of energy through the home, and easier access for many people. When researching modern home plans, a lot of people choose open floor plans in the contemporary style just for the sake of sheer convenience. When they have small children, it is easier to see across the home and make sure that their children are safe without having to constantly be in the same room. There are plenty of reasons for choosing a floor plan that is open, but this is actually a popular reason. Read more about Open Floor Plans Here.

Modern homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, with their sleek designs. If you’re buying a new modern home they have the advantage of the most up to date building materials and fixtures. Some new modern homes even have energy-efficient features such solar panels to run the HVAC system and to heat hot water. Check out this home that runs completely on solar power!

There’s something of a revival of interest neighborhoods built in the 1950s and 1960s, which are hitting the 50-year mark when they can be considered officially “historic.” Because of this midcentury buildings are starting to have a nostalgic draw. The draw with historic homes, like the MCMs in the years following WWII, is that our economy was booming. It was a time where the latest technology was becoming common in every household and every citizen was becoming a home owner.


Like Brian said, Mad Men. We cannot deny the media influence in the past decade. We have all, in a way, become infatuated with a time and place. Popular culture has rediscovered midcentury design, with the rise of shelter magazines such as Dwell and the popularity of TV shows such as “Mad Men” and “Pan Am” glamorizing the era. Not to mention many many more which you can find here:  Buy A Modern Home and Become Famous!

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