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  1. Forget dowdy carpet-covered cat houses, plain Jane dog crates and ugly animal beds – homes for our pets can be cool, stylish and modern!  I couldn’t believe all the cool designs I found!  Contemporary Cat and Small Dog House Designs are an excellent addition to your stylish furnishings.  Your modern home or apartment will look great with this unique, comfortable and eco friendly indoor house for your pet.

Modern Charlotte - Modern pet egg bed


modern Charlotte - Modern pet egg bed1


Brands like Hepper are helping to bring pet beds and lounges into modern homes with a mid-century aesthetic.  These pods are healthy for the planet in addition to your sense of style.

Modern Charlotte - Hepper


Stackable Cube-Shaped Fish Hotel!  Give each fish a luxurious private room of its very own with this modern dwelling by Teddy Luong.  The design is stackable so you can even create a fish skyscraper.

Modern Charlotte - mod fish tank


Designer Leo Kempf made this modern cat house for his own cat, Olive, saying “she enters through a door in the bottom side and then ascends a ramp, which boosts her to the upper level.  The front wall is plexi-glass, the floor is 2.5 inch thick old sheepskin rug, and my wife made small paintings that hang on the walls”.

Modern Charlotte - mod cat house


Mod and comfy, the cat capsule by Christian Ghion bravely boasts an all-white sheepskin-lined design that will make you want a matching human-sized one for yourself!

Modern Charlotte - cat capsule


Cubix Modern Dog House!  This dog mansion is designed to pay homage to the Bauhaus style and is made by the German company Best Friend’s Home.

Modern Charlotte - mod dog house


More examples of cool critter dwellings are the egg-shaped Nogg Chicken Coop and the geometrical, futuristic “Lulu’s Hideaway“.   Ideal places for your modern cat, dog or chicken!

Modern Charlotte - mod cat cube  Modern Charlotte - mod chicken coop


This cat bed called Rondon designed by Christel & Ott Meyer is a simple, clean design for any room of your home.  A bit pricey, but very cool!

Modern Charlotte - mod cat tree


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