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I don’t know of any other neighborhood of Charlotte that is home to more mid-century modern homes than the Cloisters. Lovers of modernist homes in Charlotte started buying these homes in the early 2000’s. Consequently, the Clositers has become a showcase for true mid-century modern architecture.

The Cloisters is a lovely neighborhood that has a large pond in the center. Cloister Drive wraps around the neighborhood and many of the homes enjoy a great pond view. Located north of Fairview and just off of Providence Rd. and in one of Charlotte’s most desirable school districts- the homes can command a pretty penny but still a great value. 3 homes were showcased in Charlotte’s 1st Mid-Century Modern Home Tour this last Spring. ( Yours truly was the chair person for this event).

modern charlotte - mid-century modern home the cloisters


modern charlotte - mid-century modern home the cloisters

This home sits almost at the entrance to The Cloisters. I have been in the home prior to renovation and since. It is a jewel. Any guess as to what the front door sculpture is? A fountain, art aculpture, sculptural planter?


modern charlotte - modernist home renovation cloisters

The home pictured above started as a simple mid-century ranch. The hard stucco modern addition was added to the front . A wonderful blend of vintage modern with modern ala 2010.


modern charlotte - mid-century modern home levine cloisters charlotte

The Levine Home. This home is the iconic modernist home of The Cloisters.  This home was turned down by city commisioners for historic designation! As a result, Modern Charlotte Realty and Historic Charlotte combined efforts to produce the 1st MCM home tour!  We had over 500 people turn out for this historic event. We hope the commissioners woke up and paid attention!!  The home has been lovingly restored by its current owners. What a beauty!


modern charlotte - mid-century modern home the cloisters   modern charlotte - mid-century modern home the cloisters


Check out my neighborhood search for The Cloisters to pull up all the current listings!

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