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Modern Charlotte - the Smith House

The Smith House- Charlotte, NC

Thanks to George Smart for inviting me along to tour this new construction modern home with his group from Raleigh. Designed by the owner’s daughter, Lindsay Myers Smith, AIA, the home features exterior construction of Trend Stone and overlapping zinc panels. Beautiful design that incorporates the Smith’s amazing collection of modern art. Truly one of Charlotte’s premiere Modern Home!

Modern Charlotte - Kartell and Starck

Philippe Stack table and Kartell Frilly chairs! and Matisse ?

Modern Charlotte - Smith House Art and Architecture

Mrs. Smith discusses her art collection while cameras snap away!

Modern Charlotte - Smith House

Truly living with Art! above the kitchen sink, no less

Modern Charlotte - the Smith House

Zinc Panels

Modern Charlotte - the Smith House

Living with Art and Architecture

Modern Charlotte - De Kooning

How about De Kooning over the sofa!?

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