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 It’s Memorial Day weekend again so it’s time to look swanky and cool at your mid century modern barbecue cook out! 

Modern Charlotte - cool cutouts

Modern Charlotte - Modern cutout pool

These cool cut outs by artist Max Dalton really set the scene for the perfect outdoor get together!


So what if you don’t have a mid century modern pad?  You can still get yourself some cool vintage or retro modern stuff to barbecue with.  The grill below comes to you in a crazy-cool yellow color, and it’ll make strangers wanna come and say “hello”.

Modern Charlotte - yellow mini grill


If you’re living in a pint-sized apartment and are secretly grilling out on the fire escape when your landlord is out, then this retro-modern mini grill is just what you need.  This little green pod grill is perfectly proportioned to hold several burgers, dogs or chicken breasts or one big ol’ T-bone steak.

Modern Charlotte - green mini grill


Perfectly proportioned for small parties on small patios, these cookers from Crate and Barrel charm with a fresh green color scheme.

Modern Charlotte - crate and barrel grill

Modern Charlotte - crate and barrel grill1


This Memphis music barbecue grill will be music to your ears – and stomach!  This powerful grill is powered by two gas burners that can quickly cook your steak to perfection.  As if that’s not enough, it has been designed so that an MP3 player can be hooked up to an integrated plug at the rear of the unit. The unique look of this model will also impress with its hip 1950’s styling.  Price for this machine is $450.

Modern Charlotte - retro modern grill


How about chillin’ out in these awesome examples of outdoor furniture pieces that we would all love to own!

Modern Charlotte - patio furniture

Modern Charlotte - patio furniture1

Modern Charlotte - patio furniture

Modern Charlotte
- patio furniture


And of course, everything will taste better when you’re grilling wearing the right gear!  Check out these awesome retro finds I ran across. The Nora apron from Bella Pamella has it all.  It has full frontal coverage and a vintage feminine appeal and it’s super easy to put on and take off with its “sailor collar”.  And if you really want to get into some old school style, check out the matching Lucy Hair Snug!

modern Charlotte - retro apron


Modern Charlotte - retro barbecue


Modern Charlotte - retro apron



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