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This small, eclectic design firm creates happy boxes that embody harmony between person and place. Located at 27 Central Avenue, Charlotte, this amazing group is making our city a better place to live and work in.

Modern Charlotte - Happy Box Architecture - Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist office building on Central Avenue

About Happy Box Architecture

“We are architects, designers, and artists, in a studio that creates multi-disciplinary works that are dialogs between humankind and the natural landscape. This requires us to respond with thoughtfulness and care to our fellow humans as well as the natural world. We create happy boxes that embody harmony between person and place.

We are developing a diverse portfolio of intimate, detailed projects devoted to this harmony. We are inspired by vernacular and contextual beauty—rural and urban—that defines a place. Through our modern voice, we employ a variety of material palettes and formal languages to generate happy boxes that speak to a region and a culture.

We work in a small-firm, hands-on style that intimately engages clients and guides them through the process that’s right for them. We understand the importance of educating and being educated by our clients; this exchange of ideas enriches the creative process. The goal of our method is a happy box that best honors this uniqueness.”

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C&E: Pruett/Hostetler residence

Modern Charlotte - Happy Box Architecture - C&E Modern Charlotte - Happy Box Architecture - C&E

Happy Box provided the design and construction for the bathroom updates in this mid-century house. They were also commissioned for the mosaic in the shower which they designed, fabricated and installed. Reaching Quiet fabricated the cabinetry and vanities.


Happy Box designed this addition to a 1920s home in Myers Park. The design intent was to put a modern “twist” on the symmetrical gables of the original house. The design also included the terrace and stair-stepped garden beds in the rear.


Happy Box collaborated with landscape architect Bruce Clodfelter on his office building on Central Avenue. The design intent was to offer a backdrop to his landscape “episodes” while maximizing the leasable square footage. This project won the AIA’s Carole Hoeffner Carricker award for sustainability in 2005.

Happy Box Architecture Studio

This is their own office and an example of urban adaptive reuse. Happy Box believes “the greenest building is the one already built” and so when looking for a permanent home for their office, they chose an old gas station in an urban neighborhood. Along with the redesign of the interior, they were responsible for the design, fabrication, and installation of the mosaic on the exterior and the design and planting of the perennial and vegetable garden out front.

What is a happy box?

A happy box is a place of freedom and individuality.

A happy box is integrated into its landscape.

It is a reflection of its users and their surroundings.

It contains spaces that nurture and empower.

A happy box is where the joy and magic of life flourishes.

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Learn more about Happy Box Architecture at their site or visit them on Facebook!

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