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 It’s estimated that 90 percent of the world’s trade today moves in containers – containers that crisscross the world’s oceans each year in over 5,000 container ships.  After they are used a few times they become used shipping containers that nobody wants so they just sit around taking up space. Designers all over the world are re-inventing the shipping container. They are giving us lots of cool, amazing options and are helping solve some real ecological problems at the same time.

Cordell House Shipping Container Architecture

Modern Charlotte - container homes


Modern Charlotte - container homes1


Modern Charlotte - container home


Modern Charlotte - container home
Developers Katie Nichols and John Walker have focused their careers on creating affordable, sustainable, design-intensive homes for creative, urban people. The Cordell House is sustainable in material, progressive in design and vibrant as a habitat.  We hope that the duo at Numen Development see much more business in this direction in the very near future.


Bamboo Groves, a design and construction firm in Costa Rica, has developed some great designs for homes made from insulated shipping containers and bamboo. 

Modern Charlotte - container home


Here’s one Sitting happily on the Hillside!

Modern Charlotte - container home1

The Ecopod


Modern Charlotte - container home

Another container home designed for on- or off-grid living is the Ecopod. Made from a shipping container, an electric winch is used to raise and lower the heavy deck door (power is supplied by a solar panel). The floor is made from recycled car tires, and the walls have birch paneling (over closed-cell soya foam insulation). The glass is double paned to slow heat transfer. The Ecopod can be used as a stand alone unit or with other structures. It is designed to minimize environmental impact.


Modern Charlotte - container home

Solid, resilient shipping container house plans are really taking off as recycled small and tiny houses.  

Modern Charlotte - container home

This home was built in Thailand and is very simple yet effective for a variety of uses. I particularly like the roof and simple use of materials.


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