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Modern Charlotte - Modern Home Tour I have been busy this past month helping line up homes for Historic Charlotte’s second Modern Home Tour! The 2009 tour was a huge success and you will NOT want to miss this year’s line-up. We are featuring 8-10 mid-century modern homes as well as a few new construction modernist homes, creative renovations and classic atomic ranches!

I am the tour chair so please feel free to contact me with questions and if you would like to volunteer to staff one of the homes- we would love your help! You will receive a ticket to the tour.

This event is a fund raiser for Historic Charlotte and I am very appreciative of their efforts to bring awareness and appreciation to Charlotte’s  Mid-Century Modern homes. We would love to have you as a sponser! Not only is this a worthwhile and FUN event, but is a great opportunity to meet fellow Charlotte area Modernists.

I will be posting links to Historic Charlotte’s website for ticket sales and locations around Charlotte that are also selling tickets so stay tuned!

Here are some pictures of some of the homes on the tour!

Modern Charlotte - Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

One of our new construction Modern Homes!


Modern Charlotte - Mid-Century Modern Home Tour

A Classic Mid-Century Modern Home


Modern Charlotte - Modernist Home Tour 2011

This is part of a stunning addition ! The architects will be on hand to talk about their design.


Modern Charlotte - Modernist Home Tour 2011

Plenty of modern artwork and interesting modern detailing..

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