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Have you ever noticed hollywoods obsession with modernism and mid-century modern homes? No? Well let me fill you in! The modern home owner is often thought to be smart, successful and cool. Naturally commercials, print ads and film want you to think their product is all of those things. It may be perceived that modernism is a thing of the past, in movies like Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski, but they are more popular than ever in movies like Twilight and The Incredibles, Car Commercials, and Power Puff Girls.

Take a look at these famous modern establishments!


The modern house in Malibu occupied by Jackie Treehorn in the classic film ‘The Big Lebowski’ is located in Los Angeles. Designed by architect John Lautner, who has homes often featured in film settings. An example of American Organic Architecture, the residence is built into the sandstone hillside of Benedict Canyon and intended to mimic a cave. This home also appeared in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Bandits.



The adorable movie, The Incredibles, is one of the finest examples of mid-century modernism in animated cinema. Every detail in the architecture to the furniture to the decor is an idealized depiction of an American suburban residence in the 1960s. If you haven’t seen this movie with MCM in mind go ahead and check it out again!



Car commercials have a healthy obsession with modern homes. Modern homes are featured more often than you can imagine! Above is for the new Chrysler.

Here we have a Nissan where they feature a good portion of the interior of the home.

And here we have Hyundai!

Yet another example by Lexus! And I’m just showing you a taste of the homes used in car commercials!



Yes, you may be tired of the whole Twilight Saga as am I, but you cannot deny the incredible design of The Cullen Home, which is in Vancouver, Canada. The five-bedroom home was designed by Arthur Erickson and was completely renovated in 2001. It has a rooms with 20-foot ceilings, massive picture windows and lots of blonde wood. The modern kitchen has a curved fireplace and gleaming countertops. The master suite includes a bathroom with a soaking tub and glass cabinet shower. For warmer weather there is also a pool outdoors. The movie is almost worth watching to catch glimpses of this home!


So what do you think now? Would you like to own a home that you could get PAID to show off? If you don’t believe me check this out…



Homeland, winner of two golden globes, is filmed right here in Charlotte, NC. Actually, I know the person who is paid by the creators to use the home.

Here in this video clip from a couple weeks ago you can see the home used in Homeland.


Are you interested in seeing your home in a commercial, print ad or a movie? There are helpful sites like Filming Locations which connect the film industry to home owners.


What unique media outlets have you seen companies use MCM? Tell me about it on Facebook, mention it on Twitter, or share it on Google+!

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