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Located at 3204-C North Davidson St., Charlotte – Dialect Design is a leading source for modern house plans and design/build services. They offer green design and construction services for any type of contemporary home, addition, upfit, and European style commercial project.

Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

Here are a few images of Dialect Design’s recently finished project in Concord, NC – The LeClair Residence upfit and renovation.

Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

“Jim and Andrea LeClair presented us a two-story 1983 Tudor Style house with a drab exterior and the desperate need for a fresh modern lifestyle. They asked us to step outside the box and revive their newly purchased home with our contemporary, design-build, artistic flair. We attacked the difficult proposition through a two step process. First we gave the entire building a new dress, by updating the siding, roofing and color scheme, serving as a background for the second step: An entirely new front entry area.”

“The new dress code demanded simple and streamlined façade details and a standing seam roof. For the color scheme, we picked muted, grayed-down greens and dark anodized bronze espresso finishes.”

“With the new entry then, we pulled all the stops. It boasts a custom 7′ by 7′ steel and frosted glass, pivoting front door and a steel-wood butterfly entry roof. It is accompanied by a 12′ tall freestanding concrete wall with integrated dark charcoal color and a stylized gash that seemingly splits the slab into two, as if struck by lightning. The 32′ long basalt stone stoop, hovering low over the ground, is carefully detailed with a continues shadow line, sharp edges, and integrated light fixtures. A inconspicuous water feature slices through the stoop in an recessed bed of black Mexican Beach Pebble.”

“Our combined design and construction approach to this project allowed us to place detailed attention to all materials and pieces involved. The exposed posts, beams, and rafters, for example, form a daring structural system and are manufactured out of sandwiched steel and hardwood plates. The flaring butterfly roof hides a functional gutter and downspout within its structure. And for the pivoting door we had fly in the manufacture’s engineer from out of state to go over our intricate ideas, including touchless electrical locks.”

“The end result is that of a classy, yet lively new appearance to the LeClair’s residence. It also creates a new path and sequence for the approach to the house, a magical welcome, guaranteed to place a spell on their visitors before they have even entered their home.”

For more information and images on this project, click HERE.

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Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

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Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

“Dialect Design builds and designs anything but architecture. We create livable art.”

Modern Charlotte - Dialect Design

With an international client base and innovative perspective on modern and green European style building design, Dialect is a design-build group founded in 2003 by Jahan Nourbakhsh and Toby Witte. Realizing their commitment to perpetuate the challenge and richness of artistry, and their desire to work in an artful space, Dialect is also a contemporary gallery space with a roster of over 50 artists.

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